Donations can be made to Partners In Health Canada in the following ways:

ONLINE PIH Canada accepts online monthly or one-time donations here.

BY MAIL Cheques can be made out to ‘Partners In Health Canada’ and sent to:

Partners In Health Canada
533 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON
M5A 1V1

A charitable receipt will be issued for all eligible donations of $20 or more.

GIFT OF SECURITIES A gift of publicly traded securities is one of the most tax-efficient means of making a donation to Partners In Health Canada and can result in considerable tax savings compared to a cash gift. Our gift of securities transaction form can be found here. Please consult with your accountant or financial planner for advice on your situation.

Do you have another idea for donating to Partners In Health Canada? Contact us at


If you’re a Canadian student with a passion for global health equity, you’ve come to the right place. Student engagement is invaluable to the work of Partners In Health Canada.

A good first step is to check out the Students For Partners In Health Facebook page. Launched by a group of McGill University undergrads, the page serves as information sharing hubs for post-secondary students interested in our work.
We have student chapters at the following universities:


If you're a student at one of the above chapters, and you're interested in getting involved, please click your school name to email the chapter presidents to learn more.

If you're interested in starting a chapter at your own school,  please fill out the New Chapter Application form, and then send a note to Ashley Mogg at pihcanada@pih.org.

It's important to remember that no one can do this work alone. If you’re interested in forming a PIH Canada group on campus, reach out to friends and classmates who share your values. Talk about why you're inspired to take on this challenge and then send us a note – we'd love to hear your stories. Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to support your activities with banners, t-shirts, or financial resources, but we'd be thrilled to offer feedback and suggestions and connect you with other students at some of the schools who have already started – their experience will be a tremendous help.
There are many ways high school students can get involved. Speak to your student council or a teacher about forming a Partners In Health Canada club at your school. Read the book Mountains Beyond Mountains, engage with us on Facebook or Twitter, and keep an eye out for social justice initiatives in your community.


Anyone can start a personal fundraising program to bring lifesaving care to the poor. Show your solidarity with the poor and marginalized by helping bring others into the movement for social justice and health equity. When you start a personal fundraising campaign for Partners In Health Canada, you’re making a statement about what is important to you while providing critical funds for our work.You can also fundraise for PIH Canada through CanadaHelps.org. Simply follow the instructions to set up an event benefitting Partners In Health Canada.


If you’re planning a community event for PIH Canada, send us a note with all the details – including date, time, location and what type of event it is - and we can let people know about it. Send us photos and a description of how things went afterward and we might feature your event on our site. Fundraising contributions from events can be sent to:Partners In Health Canada
533 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON
M5A 1V1

Please note, we can only provide tax receipts for contributions if a list of donors is provided with the following information: Name, address, amount of contribution. Tax receipts will be issued for contributions of $20 or more, and as per Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. When sending funds, please include a contact person and contact information so we can reach you if we have any questions. If you have any questions about tax receipts or holding an event for PIH Canada, please contact us before your event at 416-646-0666 or at pihcanada@pih.org.


Interested in volunteering or getting otherwise involved? Send us a note. Let us know how you heard about PIH Canada, where you live, and any ideas you may have.Here are a few of the things you can do:

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